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Dear friends,

We would like to share with you our deep concern about the unfair situation in which the Music Conservatory Esteban Sanchez in Merida finds itself. After 30 years of hard work, effort and enthusiasm, the City Council of Mérida is trying to do away with the city’s musical and cultural heritage due to the economic situation and educational competencies.

As of the 2012-13 school year, the City Council of Mérida has cut off enrollment of new students and threatens to reduce the faculty members by up to 20% for the next school year. They also plan to reduce the number of students for next year by 20%, “dumping” the economic cost of the institution on the students by increasing fees over 400% to cover the entire school budget (we are talking about up to 4000€/year per student). This not only means that the Conservatory will no longer be able to admit new students, but more importantly that 80 students will be forced to leave the Conservatory after years of pursuing their studies there.

Over 30 years, more than 3,200 students have passed through the halls of the Conservatory of Merida. It was the first music conservatory in Extremadura to offer flamenco guitar as a specialty in the Professional Studies degree. It is the first Conservatory in Spain to offer its students courses in Music Therapy. Among its most ambitious projects is the OSCAM, the Symphony Orchestra of the Conservatories of Merida and Almendralejo, which received the “Tomás García Verdejo” Award in 2010 for good educational practices. Since 2011 the OSCAM participates in ARCE Program which promotes cooperation between educational centers of different regions of Spain and is supported by the Ministry of Education.

The Conservatory is an active organizer and promoter of musical and cultural heritage, carrying out projects such as “See the music in your classroom” directed to all the elementary schools in the area, Educational Concerts which bring together more than a thousand students all ages and Music Festivals such as “Cultural Week” and “Music in the Spring”, annual events that have become a cultural reference for the entire city.

We want to defend our heritage and request your help. You can help by signing our petition of signatures of support, sending us a letter and giving publicity to an unfair situation.




Music is also world heritage!

Defending education is the best investment for the future of our country

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